Atamate Architecture

Three core technologies built on atBOS




atBOS is the software thread that links together the three main elements of the Atamate system:

  • Devices
  • Control Apps
  • Data Apps.

atBOS allows the smooth movement of data between these elements and provides the platform on which both Atamate Control and Data apps sit.


Atamate Devices broadly fit into 3 groups; 

  • Sensors collect data in and around buildings, almost any sensor can be incorporated on to ABOS. 
  • Actuators control services in the building. 
  • Gateways allow communication between different protocols.

Atamate Devices communicate using Bluetooth 5 Mesh this allows secure, high bandwidth, reliable communication. The open Bluetooth standards mean that Atamate can communicate with a growing number of products coming onto the market as well as other technology such as mobile phones and computers. Atamate devices only need a power supply so are easy to retrofit into existing buildings.

Once the data is collected it is processed with an onsite computer we call the Atamate Hub. The Hub runs Control apps to control different building services such as HVAC or lighting. It also uploads data to the Atamate Data cloud for further processing.

The Atamate Data gives remote access and notifications when away from the building and provides further analysis and insights into the building.


Bluetooth mesh

Reliable wireless devices combine to give precise building control with simple installation



Devices and systems on the Atamate platform share data and communicate with each other seamlessly


Any building service

Holistic control all building services. Combine HVAC with entry and security systems with ease


Local control

The Hub computer kept within the building controls all services and uploads data to the cloud for processing.


Realtime data

Cloud servers collect all building data from the Hub computer allowing for further processing



Data is surfaced and provided in editable dashboards to simplify management and maintenance of buildings


Data security

Data is end to end encrypted from sensor through to the cloud. 


Portfolio management

Manage multiple properties from a single platform and compare key metrics across a variety of buildings

Control Apps

Control all building services within
a property and upload all data to
the cloud for additional processing.


Data Apps

Control, track and improve efficiency
across your entire portfolio of
properties from anywhere.




Sensors, relays and gateways that
can be used to monitor, control and
manage buildings.




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