What is Responses?

Responses gives the building owner or facilities manager the ability to implement bespoke control algorithms within the atBOS system. It provides a completely configurable environment for all sensors and actuators in the building. Algorithms are implemented using a visual block programming editor. Simple commands are used in ready made blocks, providing each Response with a trigger, an action and an endpoint. Consequently, it is possible to create fully customised behaviours to suit any of the building users needs. 

Responses are edited using the Cloud user interface, but once written they are stored and run on the building's Hub computer, such that they will function even when there is no internet access.

Applications for Responses

Bespoke control for

Based on a simple programming tool originally designed for teaching coding to children, Responses does not need a high level of computing expertise or special training.

Notifications of exceptions within the system

Responses can also be based on parameters within sensors, actuators, switches and settings. This flexibility ensures that the status of anything within atBOS can be reported on.

Holistic control using any device

The system is completely flexible and allows multiple combinations of parameters from any part or parts of the system.


Combine services

As all control and data services sit on one atBOS platform they can be combined and controlled together. One event such as the entering of a keypad code can turn multiple light circuits on, initiate heating or ventilation.

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Immediate notifications

Actions allows for bespoke parameters to be set up to improve building efficiency and reduce management time. When used in conjunction with Alerts and or Message Me, managers and FM professionals can receive notifications that track these bespoke parameters.



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