What is Alerts?

Alerts are real time notifications from atBOS that can include sensor readings or the status of mechanical and electrical systems. 

These Alerts are viewed on the Atamate user interface where they can be further interogated.

If used alongside Message Me, these messages can be sent from atBOS to occupants, managers or facilities management professionals immediately using SMS, email or can link to third party systems such as CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) databases. 

When used in conjunction with Responses, users can build sophisticated Alerts based on multiple data points.



Alerts are used for exception reporting.  It will automatically monitor atBOS connected devices and checks they are behaving as expected. In the event of an anomaly, Alerts will raise a 'flag' on the user interface.


atBOS is a holistic system, and this allows for superior control and data collection. Alerts can be set against any device or sensor included in a system so your specific performance data requirements can be simply met.

Applications for Alerts


Building reporting

Alerts can report on the status of building systems and anomalies which are then sent to the facilities manager who can prioritise workloads depending on the nature of the issue.




Alerts can be set up to report in the event of a fault on any system connected to the Atamate system such as a fire alarm fault or a rise in humidity under a bath or shower tray.


Alerts and Analysis

Data from atBOS Analysis can also be integrated with Alerts. This means that the building manager can be notified about building performance such as:

  • If a particular system, space or tenant has consumed an abnormally high amount of energy relative to the historical average, this may indicate a system has stopped working correctly.
  • A space has overheated and the system is struggling to maintain the correct temperature
  • Air quality has been continuously over a threshold
  • Alerts may also be positive such as  when the output from a solar array reaches a certain amount, or if the array has allowed the building to be self-sufficient for a day.

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