What is Analysis?

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it - this is the basis of Atamate Analysis. It is a crucial to anyone who wants to understand and the performance of buildings.

atBOS Analysis processes historical data to provide insights into building performance. Charts and reports are be created and used to demonstrate how the building is running or to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Data from Analysis can be viewed on the atBOS interface, or exported as an open file format to a third party system as required.

Applications for Analysis
Weekly elec use



Track energy consumption

View patterns of energy consumption to track environmental performance. View a breakdown of energy by end use to understand which systems are the most significant in terms of consumption. See which areas of the building consume the most energy, potentially influencing behaviour change in certain user groups. View energy consumption rates per square meter.





Maintaining healthy air quality 

Data on internal pollutants such as CO2, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) data provides insight into the indoor air quality in a building and will ensure a building manager can improve ventilation performance or implement  interventions required to ensure a  healthy environment for building occupants.



IAQ environmental performance
Water consumption by zone


Optimising indoor environmental quality

In addition to air quality, the temperature, relative humidity, ambient light and noise level in a space can be recorded to provide an overall picture of how comfortable spaces will be for occupants.





Interrogating building utilisation

Room occupancy analysis will allow property managers to understand utilisation of space in a building and provide insights as to how the value of a building can be maximised.




Occupancy overview
Elec consumption by zone



Link occupancy with services to reduce energy

When occupancy is related to energy consumption it also gives a further indication of system efficiency.



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Control all building services within
a property and upload all data to
the cloud for additional processing.



Sensors, relays and gateways that
can be used to monitor, control and
manage buildings.


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