Message Me

What is Message Me?

Message Me works in conjunction with Alerts to send messages from atBOS to occupants, managers or facilities management professionals immediately using SMS, email or can link to third party systems such as CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) databases. 

Data is most valuable when it is providing real time feedback to building and facility managers so that they can take corrective action before issues occur. Message Me is all about that real time feedback, whether it be information that a fire door has been propped open, a moisture sensor detecting a leak, or beam detector showing that a garbage chute is blocked.

Benefits of Message Me


Streamlined maintenance

Message Me is be used to communicate in real-time.  Message Me works alongside Alerts which automatically monitors atBOS connected devices and checks they are behaving as expected. In the event of an anomaly, Alerts will use Message Me to contact the nominated users.


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Simplified communication

Notifications can be sent to different destinations according to priority (emergency, alert and information). Each user or contact can specify how they should receive messages at each level of priority. Building managers have complete control to determine which alerts are communicated real-time to avoid overloading maintenance teams and make sure that the priority incidences do not get lost amongst other ‘noise’ in the system.



Multiple contacts

Message Me stores categorised details for multiple contacts, so messages can be sent to any combination of individual occupants, building owner or managers as required. Additionally, messages can be diverted where appropriate.



Applications of Alerts


Building reporting

Alerts can report on the status of building systems and anomalies which are then sent to the facilities manager who can prioritise workloads depending on the nature of the issue.




Alerts can be set up to report in the event of a fault on any system connected to the Atamate system such as a fire alarm fault or a rise in humidity under a bath or shower tray.


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