Case Studies

Commercial New Builds - Retrofits - Residential Projects


Reducing the Capital and Operational Costs of a Hotel

Atamate worked with a small developer to minimise energy usage and to manage efficient control of a selection of self-catered flats.

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Managing Critical Infrastructure

The atBOS system was installed to control temperature, air pressure, humidity and ambient light at the critical infrastructure buildings of a large multinational facilities management company.


Providing a secure, safe, and controllable environment in a Children's Home

Atamate streamlined the mechanical systems of an award-winning children's care home, using bespoke features to improve comfort and safety.


Sustainable Living

atBOS simplifies sustainable building operations, managing complex systems with efficiency.

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Mechanical Services Strategy Consultancy

McCarthy Stone is the UK’s leading developer and manager of retirement communities. Atamate conducted energy modelling to optimize their electric building services strategy.


Cloud Apps include:

Analysis is central to the power of the atBOS system and will guide you in transforming performance. 

It processes historical data from a building or number of buildings to provide insights into their performance, bringing everything to one place. Through the atBOS holistic approach to control and data you can better spot trends, opportunities and risks.

A full suite of charts and reports can be created and used to review progress, plot improvement strategies, evidence emerging risks and demonstrate regulatory compliance.


Alerts use powerful algorithms to detect failures in building systems in real time.

It uncovers if there has been a power failure, lamp failures or a filter need changing for example. This helps improve the performance of your building and lower running costs through early detection of issues which can often be resolved before they become a bigger problem or an emergency. 

It helps to protect building stock with an early warning of issues, such as elevated humidity.


Message Me allows you to choose when to take Alerts functionality to the next level. It can notify your team of issues raised from atBOS Alerts. We have the capability to use API to communicate direct with other third parties on your behalf further enhancing the power of Message Me.

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Responses provides a flexible tool so you can add bespoke automation to any device or data source in your building. This means you can proactively manage responses to make your building perform better. It’s easy to do and is built for non-programmers to be able to develop and create. 

The possibilities are endless and using this functionality means you can be confident that your carbon emissions will be lowered and your running costs reduced. It’s the equivalent of creating a macro for your building, giving you the power and control. 

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