Lower your carbon use, cut operational expense

and enhance user comfort

We make building management easy

We have developed a simple, affordable, wireless system to reduce energy and optimise building performance.

Made up of sensors, actuators and control software, it improves occupant comfort and reduces costs.

We’re confident there’s nothing else like it on the market, and we call it atBOS.

As technology specialists, grounded in the property and construction industries, we understand our customers: 

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What is atBOS?

atBOS gives you a complete and detailed picture of a building and your portfolio.

You can monitor, control and remotely check occupancy and manage climate, ventilation, water, shading, door entry and more.

It’s affordable, wireless, simple to install and can be retrofitted.

Atamate's software and applications provide comprehensive control and granular data, which is used to:



Lower carbon

Automatically reduce operational energy consumption by linking occupancy and indoor air quality to HVAC.

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Lower costs

Cut capital costs with wireless setup & operational costs with lower bills and better building management. 

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Simplify control & installation

Installed by any electrician,  in both new and retrofit buildings.


Our offices are in England and Wales, and all hardware is designed and manufactured in the UK.

How it





atBOS Devices

atBOS devices installed in your building collect data from sensors & meters. Our devices are designed by us and made in the UK 



atBOS Control

Software Control Apps run locally so you can monitor and control your building



atBOS Data

Cloud Apps collect building data, analyse it and surface it on dashboards 

Speak with the Atamate team today to start your atBOS journey.


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