The Internet of Things platform for smart buildings

Reducing energy, maintenance and management in buildings while increasing the occupants security and comfort


Atamate will

- reduce your building services capital costs by 30%
- reduce resident's energy use by 70%
- reduce building maintenance costs
- improve the comfort of residents.


Atamate supports manufacturers, designers, installers as well as building owners and users in the integration of truly smart buildings. We are hardware agnostic and our Internet of Things (IoT) software enables design, installation, commissioning and support.


Using standard protocols Atamate is the most open platform for today's commercial and residential intelligent buildings.



Chris Glass
Home owner
“Using Atamate has been a huge success. We particularly like the kids being able to use the Haze to control their own music, and them being able to do this without yet another screen is even better.’’
Gabriella Spring
"Using the Atamate Design Studio has won us clients who would have otherwise gone elsewhere - it gives us a great smart building offering we can price really fast."
Robert Goodman
"At last someone with innovative solutions to ventilating low energy buildings - and at a price that is affordable."

Your IOT partner

Atamate is a software platform made of; 

Atamate Hub
Robust control software installed in the property to manage all building services.
Atamate Design Studio
Tools for designer and installers. Simple pricing, design and configuration of smart buildings.
Atamate Building Intelligence
Collection and management of data for efficient running and management of buildings

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