Carbon reduction for small and medium sized buildings 

A simple, affordable control platform built on wireless mesh

Atamate deploy sensors, actuators and control software to transform the performance of buildings.


Our Technology

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Reduce operating cost without excessive demands for capital investments

Our common platform reduces complexity, lowers costs and generates greater building intelligence.

atBOS reduces energy consumption, reduces maintenance and management costs whilst improving the comfort, security and safety of occupants.


Why Atamate?

We’ve built a market leading product because we understand how buildings are used.

We are property people who have developed cutting edge technology to improve the performance of buildings

Wireless devices ensure that atBOS is retrofittable into
existing buildings reducing cost. The wireless mesh makes it the most reliable
communications protocol for buildings.



Atamate building data collection

Actionable Intelligence

Greater insight leads to exceptional performance 

Atamate understands how buildings are used. Data is surfaced as simple and customisable reports that enhance efficiency and performance; heat maps show occupancy in meeting rooms or communal areas to interrogate how buildings are used, and management reports are delivered with context to stakeholders for more informed decision-making.

Occupant centric control

Accurate control of indoor air quality, improving occupant comfort and wellbeing

Protect occupants and optimise the internal environment by integrating entry, intercom and intruder systems, linking them seamlessly to other services such as climate control, lighting and shading.



Reduce the cost of installation

Using Atamate can reduce both capex and opex costs.
Fewer devices are required for control, installation and commissioning
requires no specialist contractors and buildings run more efficiently.



Building data collected & analysed

Surface performance data and exception reporting

Atamate systems are designed to work in the background.  For the times when data needs to be interrogated or room controls accessed, we have a user interface where all information can be seen. Analysis, Alerts, Reponses and Message Me work together to provide dashboards for reporting and analytics.