What is Metering?

atBOS Metering utilises the Hub within a building to collect and upload meter data in near real time. Metering provides:

  1. A secure repository for data, 
  2. A dashboard for viewing, and
  3. Analysis of the data collected. 

Metering collects data on electricity and gas, both for billing and for energy usage. Metering data can be collected from utility company SMETS and AMR (automatic meter reading) devices. 

In addition data can be collected on MID compliant meters for building  tenants. This data can then be collated into weekly or monthly reports to understand what energy each tenant has consumed. This will allow a building manager to more accurately apportion bill costs.


Tenant energy usage

Using tenant sub meters, atBOS Metering collates data into separate monthly reports which can be used for  performance reporting and/or apportioning energy bills




Many buildings do not have sub metering, or may have sub-meters but these are not connected to any data upload service out of the building. The wireless nature of atBOS system means retrofitting meters and surface data on a cloud based platform is straightforward with minimal capital outlay.


Atamate believes that the implementation of an accurate metering and data collection system across a portfolio is the first step in an organisation's route to Net Zero. It will quickly identify priority buildings or areas which can be supplemented with additional sensors for monitoring occupancy and internal environmental conditions to further highlight where behavioural changes or system improvements are needed. Some of these areas will then benefit from enhanced control.

The holistic and expandable nature of atBOS means that once the wireless mesh is established for metering, expanding this for monitoring and control is simple.

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