Why atBOS

We’re confident you won’t have seen anything like atBOS on the market.

atBOS is the Atamate Building Operating System. It connects the sensors and hardware that are deployed in your buildings to the cloud software, which provides you with analysis, automation and control of those buildings.

It gives you the ability to remotely monitor and control your building to transform its performance. This means you can check the health and condition of your building by monitoring climate conditions, occupancy levels, environmental conditions, water use, lighting and more, bringing everything to one place.

The data collected is transformed to insight by our software so you can better analyse the data and understand how to lower carbon, reduce running costs and create comfortable environments.  Best of all, it can even support you to automate how the building is used so it’s always working at its best with minimal intervention and maximum comfort.

It’s affordable, wireless, simple to install and can be retrofitted.

What's in the box?

When you choose atBOS you get the latest hardware to install in your building, a wireless hub which communicates with our cutting-edge software and access to our latest and ever evolving suite of apps from your dashboard. All of which helps you to transform the performance of your building.

atBOS Devices icon


atBOS Devices

- Designed by us, made in the UK, atBOS devices collect data from sensors & meters
- Actuators or gateways control building services. This includes Modbus and Bacnet. 
- Only require a 230v power supply; all data is communicated via wireless mesh. 
Wireless hub Icon


Control Apps

- Our software Control Apps include HVAC, lighting and entry control 
- Sitting on our atBOS Hub edge computers these Apps improve the energy efficiency
- Our architecture is very flexible, allowing new apps to be easily deployed  (view here).
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- Cloud Apps collect building's data, analyse it and surface it on our dashboards
- Real time notifications of maintenance or management issues
- Charts are used for ESG reporting, and designing better performing buildings  (view here).

View the Architecture diagram for a deeper understanding of how it all fits together



Installing atBOS

All of our hardware is designed and manufactured in the UK and is easy to get set up so you can start benefiting in just 5 simple steps. Here’s how:

Step 1

Get in touch with our specialist team to talk through the project and your requirements.

Step 2

We engage with your electrical contractor or designer to generate a full proposal and quote for your project.

Step 3

Once approved we develop full technical plans and assemble your product.

Step 4

We package and send your atBOS pack for your electrical contractor to install.

Step 5

Once installed, we fully test and commission your product so you can begin benefiting straight away.

We leave you fully trained and ready to go into our customer success cycle!

Don't know where to start? 

Just want it all done for you?

Not a problem. We also provide a fully managed set up of your system, where we work with you to get the maximum product benefits possible. Our specialists help integrate atBOS fully into the design of your project or work with you once you are up and running to show how your rich data can be used for targeted improvements. Just ask us to get started.