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Design your building to behave better.

Building behaviour is what we call the configuration of a building. This can be very useful when a building has multiple users each wanting different configurations (or behaviours). For example, a community hall may have different users, such as the grannies playing bridge and the energetic yoga club.

The bridge club wants it to be nice and warm, well-lit, and with access through a further secured door to into the kitchen, while the yoga group wants it cooler with more atmospheric lighting and no need to go to the kitchen.

Our strategies for best building behaviour

Roll out Presets. Presets allow as much or as little of a building configuration to be stored together. There are a number of ways to activate a Preset:

  • by a calendar entry - often used as bookings, 

  • initiated from a door entry keypad.

  • or even just a button on the UI (user interface).

When the Preset is completed then all heating and lighting can be turned off or dimmed to ensure that there are no nasty bills.

Behaviour does not need to be limited to a building and can be useful in a room. Again this is useful when a room might have different functions, dinner, socialising and watching TV. Set the Presets and at a touch of a button change light, shading, TV and any other connected device setup.

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