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What is the Haze? Meet our fantastic multi-functional switch.

Smart lighting: light switches re-imagined

It is always a challenge to make things simple. We faced this problem when installing controls in people's homes. Typical tensions occurred:

  • between one partner who was a technophile who wanted lots of controls and the other who wanted a simple home.

  • in rooms which had multiple systems installed such as; light with scenes; motorised windows; audio system; motorised curtains.

  • as a result of the desire not to impact on the look and feel of the room and in particular not to have the technology 'on show'. 

Enter the Haze. As well as acting as a normal light switch so as not to confuse the in-laws, cleaner or babysitter, it can control all the services in the room using the multi-coloured LED bezel. It also has the ability to give feedback to occupiers - leave the front door open and it can flash red throughout the house.

With the appearance of a dimmer switch but available on most faceplates it blends into the room and discreetly enables the control of all the services in the room.

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