Monitor and Control

With our technology you can lower carbon and reduce running costs through being smart about how buildings operate, prevent issues before they arise, manage the environment and demonstrate that your building is healthy and safe for users.


This is possible through a suite of Control Apps.

Control Apps give you sophisticated control of the services in your building. They are run locally on the hub and do not rely on an internet connection, giving you complete peace of mind that you can always be in control.


Control Apps include:


Controls heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in your building. 

This puts you in control of ensuring that optimal comfort is achieved whilst being able to maximise energy savings. When linked to the monitoring systems, such as occupancy detection and air quality it can help you lower costs by a significant amount. This also helps prevent issues caused by high humidity levels such as condensation, damp and mould. 

Energy - elec use

Metering & energy - Empiric

Metering and Energy

Will meter your electricity, gas, heat or water. This provides real time information for management purposes. You can see where and how energy is being used to help inform reduction plans or increase comfort for building users..

When linked to alerts metering is used for early detection of acute or emerging maintenance issues, such as leaks, component failure, risk of damp/mould growth or deterioration of air quality.

Door Entry

Enables the electronic control of locks to doors and gates in your building.

It gives you control of the security within your building and means you can manage any failures or issues promptly and effectively.  Access can be enabled through a PIN entry or using Near Field Communication (NFC) 

The door entry device is simple to install. There is no control cabling or batteries and occupants can retain key entry. 

This solution puts key management challenges in your past while increasing security and certainty for building users. 

Entry device

Water consumption by zone


Will manage all aspects of your hot and cold water supply.

This includes metering, heating, secondary circulation, leak detection, legionella, pump control and maintenance reporting. 

Managing building safety and preventing any significant damage, it gives you peace of mind that issues will  surface quickly and helps to keep running costs low. 

Natural Ventilation

Gives you control of dampers and windows to manage the natural ventilation of your building. 

This can be used to provide healthy background air supply or passive cooling. It can also reduce the risk associated with opening and closing high level windows, helping you to keep building users safe.

Lighting Phone UI-2


Controls all types of lighting including dimmable, switched or RGB lamps, which can be turned on or off depending on occupancy to help save energy and lower your carbon. This can also react to weather conditions to eliminate any unnecessary use of lighting.

To make your building safer and more secure, lighting can also be linked to fire or security alarms.



Gives you intelligent control of blinds, shutters or curtains, which reduces carbon consumption cost, and prevents overheating in buildings.

When automated you can increase comfort and security, with the ability to safely manage hard to reach shading.


Further Monitoring

atBOS allows the collection of information from any sensors in your building.

Combining data from atBOS sensor units with data from third party devices, such as a light switch or fan coil unit enables you to control and report on multiple aspects, forming a full picture of how your building is being used.

Find out more how all of the data from the Control Apps can be used to automate and alert so your building can perform with minimal intervention here.

Our pioneering technology and Control Apps deliver low carbon, reduce running costs and create comfortable  environments in buildings.

Speak with the Atamate team today to start your atBOS journey of lowering carbon, reducing running costs, and creating healthier, safe and comfortable environments