Door entry control systems allow electronic control of locks to doors and gates in a property. This can enhance the security and also reduce operational costs through simplifying the management of a building. Eliminating the need for a key suite means that there is no longer the risk of keys being lost, or occupants forgetting keys and requiring assistance to enter the building. It can also simplify the access for maintenance, cleaning and delivery personnel.

atBOS Door Entry Control is appropriate for any scale of building, and includes control hardware and software.

  • Appropriate for domestic and commercial buildings 
  • Can be installed in new or retrofit projects
  • Allows Door Entry Control using a pin number, a NFC (Near-field communication) card or potentially with a smartphone with the Atamate app installed
  • Solutions will consist of atBOS hardware and third party hardware where appropriate.


- Wireless communication means that Door Entry Control does not require separate communication cabling

- Mesh devices only require power so are simple to install by any certified electrician

- Simplify ongoing property management as keys are removed. Door Entry Control gives remote, secure (time windowed) access to occupants, staff and contractors



- Single technology platform for all building functionality, this means that Door Entry Control shares the same infrastructure as other systems such as HVAC Control and Lighting Control

- Door Entry Control can be linked to other systems, for example when a student opens the front entrance of an accommodation building, their room will start to pre-condition for optimal comfort




- Simple installation by any electrician means retrofitting in an existing building is much lower cost than similar wired technologies

- Using NFC with a smart phone app means there is no cost for purchasing or programming access cards

- Using the smart phone app, means a building manager can quickly manage building access as atBOS will allow temporary permission for maintenance contractor visits

Key aspects of atBOS Door Entry Control

  • Simple installation requiring no control cabling, only power
  • Simple to retrofit in an existing building
  • Use NFC, pin or combination of both for access
  • atBOS app on a smartphone can be used as an alternative to a card for NFC access
  • Link existing booking systems into atBOS to collect all data from all systems on a ‘single pane of glass’ (SPOG) and automate the assignment of access permissions
  • Can be designed to fail safe or fail secure depending on the security and fire strategy for a building. Battery backup of system also possible
  • Use time windows for access to properties for maintenance and cleaning improving occupant security and experience.

Door Entry Control interoperability

atBOS software will control entry to and around a property and can work with a variety of locks including:

  • Electronic door keeps (12V or 24V)
  • Magnetic door locks (Maglock) 
  • Can integrate push to release buttons on non-secure side of door
  • Emergency break glass units can be integrated on escape routes.


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