Lighting control from basic on/off to advanced lighting scenes and presets

  • Atamate controls any type of natural and electric lighting.
  • Compatible with standard lighting protocols such as Dali and DMX.
  • Control can be through local switches, web user interface or occupancy sensors.
Lighting control

Control by user interface or Atamate HAZE

Lighting can be controlled by standard rocker switches, button switches, sliders, dimmers, the Atamate user interface or by the HAZE light switch.

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Lighting control

Occupancy controlled lighting

Configure your home to reflect how you want to live; turn the lights on when you go upstairs at night and turns them off when you leave the house. It uses the same sensors as the other building services so you won’t be unexpectedly pitched into darkness.

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Natural and electric lighting

Sensors can make the best use of natural light by integrating with motorised curtains and blinds, only using electric light when it’s needed.

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Preset lighting scenes

Lighting can be used to create mood and ambiance, and then saved as a preset for future use. The preset can be triggered by occupancy or a particular event. For example, turning on the TV might close blinds, drops the screen, dims lights and divert the phone.

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Multi-user buildings

Different groups using a building might have different lighting requirements. A building manager can save the appropriate setting as a preset that is triggered by entry or by the calendar.

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Lighting the garden

Lighting scenes can be extended outside the home and into the garden to create the desired ambience.

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Circadian lighting

Lighting can be controlled to mimic the natural circadian cycle, which promotes better sleep patterns and general health.

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Fire and security

Lighting controls can be linked to alarm systems. An intruder alarm can trigger external security lights while a fire alarm can trigger lights that highlight pathways to the exits.

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Windows and shading
Automation of windows, curtains and blinds integrated with lighting, ventilation and temperature controls.
Long-distance access control for residents, employees or visitors which triggers lighting and temperature presets.
Integration with third party providers for multi-room audio and home cinema systems.